[redland-announce] Announcement: Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 0.9.8

Dave Beckett dave.beckett at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Feb 13 11:34:15 GMT 2003

A very minor bugfix release to go along with Redland 0.9.12
which I'll be doing next today.


PS To all of you still only on redland at yahoogroups.com, please
subscribe to the new list(s) :)

		   Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 0.9.8

Raptor is a C library that provides parsers for the RDF/XML and
N-Triples syntaxes returning triples.  It was designed to work
closely with the Redland RDF library (RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland
- Raptor) but is fully separate.  It is free software / Open Source,
has no memory leaks so far and is pretty fast.

This is a minor bugfix release.  Raptor is a stable library, with
some known conformance issues.

Summary of changes:

  * Fixed crashing on empty files
  * Fixed accepting illegal xmlns:prefix="" (prefix without URI not allowed)
  * N-Triples bnodeIDs can now have '0's
  * Utility program rdfdump renamed to rapper; name conflicted with a common
    Linux utility.

The release consists of the full sources, RPM binaries and source RPM
packages for RedHat Linux 7.3.  These are also available from the
Redland SourceForge mirror site at

The main web site lets you browse and check out the latest version of
the sources in CVS and use Raptor in various demos (as part of

I post updates about Redland and Raptor to the redland-dev list
which is one of the lists you can join from the list page at

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